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Originally Posted by 1911fan View Post
Ok, guys- here's some info.

First off, it's a gun club. People, other people, will be shooting this weekend. Bang, bang. Might be noisy. If you want to play, it's by NCWGC rules. Eye and ear protection, designated targets, clean up after yourselves, and so on. Biggest one: NO ALCOHOL! before or during shooting.
Since I'm the 'responsible' gun club guy, if you want to shoot I get to be the RO.Short story- if you want to shoot, get ahold of me. Brown Chevy with blue canopy, trailer with a blue and white Dakar and black GS, ugly bald guy with camo hat.
Also, everybody gets to sign a liability release. Standard stuff for club guests, shoot yourself and it's not out fault. No exploding targets/tracers due to fire hazards.
But despite the rules we gotta play by, it's a pretty good range. Two covered pistol bays, 25/100 yards, three open ones, Cowboy Town (false storefronts.steel targets), trap range, 300-450 yard and 600-yard rifle ranges. Archery range to 80 yards IIRC.
Again, get ahold of me if you brought toys. We are .50BMG and suppressor friendly. If anyone wants I'll bring some suppressed goodness. PM me if you need more info.
I plan to be up Friday afternoon after work, prob'ly on the Dakar. Be wearing HiVis, so look for me.

Looking foward to it!

Howdy 1911fan,

Cool, very cool, I just had the trigger reworked on my chicom RPK and haven't had a chance to shoot it since the work was done, I'll be looking for you.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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