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Originally Posted by PhiSig1071 View Post
Yeah, that's a real tricky accident reconstruction. Hmm, two bikes, each facing different directions, in one lane. If the cops need photos for an accident reconstruction they need a new line of work.

No, it's not against the law, but it's pretty hard on common decency. It is against the law for police to release crime scene photos.

Flip it around, someone could have died in that accident. 1500lbs of motorcycle sliding around can do some damage.

So, it's you, you are hurt, maybe dead (broken ribs can do a lot of internal damage). And your pictures end up on the internet because some unscrupulous photog thinks they entertaining. And your kids, or your widow, or your parents see it. Welcome to the internet.
Against the law, yet somehow they are all over the place. Crime scene, autopsy, you name it.

I'll take "Unenforceable Laws" for $300, Alex!

Are you related to a guy named Bob Mielke by any chance?

You think plenty of dads haven't ran across photos of their daughters in compromising positions?

Welcome to the internet.
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