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Coming from crowded, expensive and vastly deforested Europe, this sight is a pure wonder for us. People would pay good money back in our country to have this wood for heating fire, during winter. Here it is not economical to carry it so it is burned on the spot, with no added value.

Now, I am not by any means an economist but just a meager traveling Engineer, but still this things make you wonder how our lives are sometimes directed purely by economics. And I wonder if this is a good thing… But I digress.

---The above practices have been going on for a long time in this province...
The forest companies are allowed to hi-grade the best part of the tree and burn the rest... I believe if someone was able to generate revenue out of those piled trees they would get scaled and that scale would be deducted from the logging companies annual allowable cut... So it is in the best interest of the big forest companies to just burn all the less valuable parts of a tree... The degree of waste has gotten really bad over on Vancouver Island as the government has given the companies the anything goes nod to supply the Chinese market with raw logs ... It is unbelievable at how fast they are knocking down the Islands forest to supply this market and around half of what they are knocking down is just being piled up and burnt.... I was employed 15 yrs back as a pile burner... Our normal day was to mix up 400 liters of napalm and run it through a flamethrower to ignite these piles... I did not stay on this job too long as I didn't feel right about what we were doing...

It was great to meet you 2 in Nakusp, have a safe journey south...


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