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Originally Posted by ER70S-2 View Post
Get a grip. Half the guys riding the Dragon are fully aware of the photogs. After the ride they're huddled around the nearest wifi laptop checking to see if Killboy has posted their pics yet.

My riding buddy couldn't work a frikkin' camera and 20 years later, I'm still pissed about the pics he missed when I was crashing.

If I'm still breathing, you better be takin' pics; they're going to last a lot longer than my pain.
So I'm at a go-kart track in Marshalltown, IA helping my buddy out.

I'm taking pics for him while he's out thrashing his YSR.

Last race of the day, and he's out front!!!!!!

Runs wide coming out of the corner, but keeps it up. Only now his tires have mud on them. And he goes down. In the front of the pack.

Horrified, I watch as he gets run over.

He is in the hospital for awhile with a broken sacrum and a big gash in his shoulder.

When he comes to, first thing he asks is if I got any pics of him going down. I said, "Hell no!"

He proceeded to chew me out pretty good.
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