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Originally Posted by RobBD View Post
I hope Thelma doesn't nap too often for you. No doubt she wont stand up by herself after one of these naps.
Take care
Rob, you know Thelma, this was her payback time, something along the lines of
"if you insist on bringing me along this crap track, then I'm going to make it as bloody difficult as I can for you"
and those sort of tactics work

Originally Posted by TheReaper! View Post
Since this is not in real time , itís probably safe to assume Tiffany makes it ? Does Tiffany get out alive , does she
turn around and head for the pavement , or like a good little Englishman does she press on ?

Or does the man of her dreams rescue her , and they ride off into the sun set never to be heard from again ?

What we have here is a first class cliff hanger , like a TV series that wants to make damn sure you tune in next week .

Reaper, it wasn't a deliberate cliffhanger, I was there for a very long time getting Thelma out

which afforded several photo opportunities

as for my other options...well, I'd reached the point of no return and had already decided that I wouldn't be able to get out the way I'd come in - I only got photos while I was on the "easier" bits.
As for the man of my dreams coming to rescue me, bring him on

Originally Posted by Paddygfw View Post
A little of the subject but are those pants you are wearing leather? My wife and I are buying new leathers. If they are could you give us your opinion and the brand name?
Paddy, pants mean an entirely different thing in England...
However my trousers, yes, they are leather and I love them. They're British-made ones from Frank Thomas

I've had this pair for ten years.
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