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Originally Posted by CANNONMAN View Post
Greg, Did you ever get any of the high fender kits done and sent to me? Please!
Workin on it mate - There are a number of folks that would like the same thing. I have most of the components here but just need to get them to the press guys, and then find the time to put it all together.

Originally Posted by SpeedStar View Post
Any plans to offer modified racks if we send ours in?
Not even the faintest blip on the radar Speedy. These are done by me for me, but I am happy to post up any pics required if anyone wanted to replicate. It's not that hard to do really as long as you have access to the tools, and can weld or can locate someone to do that phase for you.

More on the mods:

The other thing that has always pissed me off was the height that the centre box sat as well.
I plan on dropping the top box around 3" from it's current location and sitting it on an all encompassing rear frame, ala BMW R1200GSA.
To do this I will obviously have to remove the rear grab bars but I will incorporate new ones into the rear rack.

This is about where it will end up:

I think the BMW-GSA rear rack configuration is excellent - Super strong and very tidy/functional.

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