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Originally Posted by Mooney 78865 View Post
Not to stir the pot, actually I don't care.
I have found crappy windscreens are really crappy helmets, hard seats are poor posture, to much engine noise means you need to use ear plugs, footpegs to tough on your tootsies?, get a better boot.
It's a motorcycle. It's not a car. It's not even a cheap imitation of a car. It's not supposed to be. Yes it has warts, yes the Austrians know it has warts. If you want to do 800 mile days in the saddle wrong bike. You want to do 110 miles in 9 hours in the dirt, reach your destination and ride home ( or camp, your call) on the freeway at 80mph with all your gear in 2 hours, right bike
I'll take it as is, "twitchy" throttle and all. It is great at what it does. Better than it's serious competitors for less money by a LONG shot. Our list of upgrades is a damn sight smaller than our BMW, Triumph and Yamaha brethren.
As for the seat? The Austrian sales rep said it best, STAND UP! ( Warning: disconnect your i pod, i phone, blender, latte machine, prior to standing)
Now if the seat wasn't so close to the footpegs................
My two cents.
Loved this comment.
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