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Originally Posted by atomicalex View Post
forgive the n00b question please, but what does "full dual-sport gear" consist of?
Not a silly question at all ... A ride like this needs riding boots, recommend knee pads, at least a roost protector if not full armor jacket, dual sport helmet ... There are people who ride this without all the gear. It's not treacherous. I personally am more comfortable with the added layers of protection. My first year I did a stream crossing too fast, came out on the other side up an embankment, cleared the trail and landed in a ditch and hit a downed tree. I stood up with no injury and was super happy with my helmet because my head hit the tree. The second year I did the same crossing with no issues. It was all rider error in my first attempt.

This year I am wearing the proper boots, full armor jacket, rider pants that have built in knee protection and the regular gear of gloves, helmet, jersey. I ride better with it all on because I still take sharp turns on gravel roads too tentative. When. Am wearing the proper gear I am much more confident, knowing if I do slide out I am not going to rip all my skin on the gravel.
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