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So, picked up the V-Strom last Friday, sight unseen, loaded it and brought it home.

A few hundred miles and the impressions in contrast to the Super Tenere were stark. Feels lighter all the way around, the engine is smooth as butter and it's quiet.

All stating the obvious that the two completely different mills make the initial impression, throttle response, everything different. Made the STZ feel like a tractor--BUT, I LOVED that about that bike. It was cool as shit.

The DL just doesn't make you say "FUUUUUUCK". It won't it can't...but it is smooth as glass in my mind in comparison.

DL feels thinner, lighter, the tank tapers in a way that felt very different when standing--the STZ was definitely OK here, but the 'lightness" and "thin-ness" were what stuck with me.

There felt to be significantly less leg room on the DL, overall, not as roomy, on a 140 mile ride, I was more cramped and will be changing the stock bars out--the DL factory bars have too much sweep for me, angled too far back. I never noticed

NONE of that stuff matters....

The DL is a quintessential commuter, to me...and the XTZ1200 is a true full-size adventure bike, time machine, etc.

I bought the DL because I wanted to get back to something simple to commute on, that could do light touring duty if it arised...and sold the XTZ to free up a couple of grand for Jiu Jitsu lessons--no kidding--so take all that if you wonder why I'd sell the Tenere...just a little more bike than I needed.
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