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Originally Posted by rtwdoug View Post
finally got the 48 back on the road!

poor thing had been sitting too long, but its all ok & fresh now, ready for a shitload more miles.

But of course, nothing ever goes as planned....


Got it all together, filled with gas & oil & a new battery, then rolled it outside. 3 kicks, and it roared to life!

with a big TAK TAK TAK coming from the rear head! WTF?

SO..... pulled the head off, & the piston was hitting the edge of the combustion chamber

took a die grinder, made the hole a little bigger, stuck it back on, & now it runs great, with no funny noises!

I was figuring I had 4-5 hours to go to get it done, but it took 4 days. Oh well, at least its finished!

Some guys never learn!

Originally Posted by rtwdoug View Post

and then took it outside to start it up.
I kicked it...


Steve looks at me & starts cussing.

when he pulled the piston out of the box, he thought it was an original. nope, its a hi compression bonneville piston for racing, and its too tall, & hits the head.
it should be level with the cylinder top.... oops!

No biggie, I tell Steve that when we do something like this in Bama, we just say we were doing a 'test fitting'

So, piston replacement, part 2....

you can see the height difference here....

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