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Originally Posted by Shoganai View Post
You're defensive, sarcastic and condescending response only indicates you didn't learn anything about how others view the topic at hand.

Clearly you seem to feel that your POV is righteous and above reproach.

A man who knows everything knows all he'll ever know, just sayin'
Good luck with that.

How else am I supposed to respond to personal attacks? I don't feel that my POV is above reproach, but I do feel that my pov has not gotten across. What is wrong with the pov that pictures of people getting hurt, possibly killed (killboy didn't know how that crash would turn out) is not exactly fodder for personal entertainment. I do feel like my pov is above being ridiculed, however, that is apparently not the prevailing feeling on this board. Apparently the only way to get my point across is to make baseless personal attacks against complete strangers. The couple on the red bike are not members of this forum, they did not share those pictures here, they were posted here purely for their entertainment value and nothing else. They are not "sharing their story" as you put it.

In your instance, the pictures were being taken after the accident had occurred, and you had a general idea of the condition of everyone involved. What if your son had been hurt much more seriously, and you turned around and there was someone taking pictures? What if you saw a bunch of people with cameras while his sheet-draped body was being loaded into a morgue van?
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