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Originally Posted by Zapp22 View Post
a year ago, I would have said "yeah, i'd buy a new wee for lack of a better option". now things have changed. the right choices now are to go "high and low" - my very shortlist is a Super Ten for 90/10, and a WR250R for everything else. The super ten is just way more capable for "what might happen" when you're riding a too-heavy bike in rough terrain. drop the wee and you have instant trouble 'cause the oil is spilling out and its REALLY topheavy. I had hoped one of these mftrs would get the clue and make a twin adv bike that comes in clearly under 400lbs. not. so if you're going heavy, you may as well go "yes heavy, but WELL capable".
One guy here just sold his S10 and got a 2012 Wee.
I myself would love an S10 but I have set up my wee to the point that an S10 isn't going to be any better for what I have been doing.
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