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What's ******width?
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Ya know what, you all are right.

I'm sorry for interrupting your discourse.

Thinking about it, this entire thread is about ridiculing others for their mistakes. Pointing fingers and laughing. An overall feeling of superiority because someone else's mistakes were caught on film.

By saying it's ok to laugh at bikes with car tires and pirates with tassels and bikes going over the double yellow but NOT at people who crash I'm being a hypocrite, the guy who blows the corner in front of killboy might blow one down the road and end up crashing, and it's purely by luck that there wasn't an oncoming car when said rider did blow the corner.

And by trying to express my opinion that it's not ok to laugh at others misfortune in an entire thread dedicated to laughing at others misfortune, I should have expected what I was going to get.
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