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I think that's pretty much it, change the oil & filter (done already) and replace the brake fluid. Not much else to worry about on this bike. Maybe check as best you can the inside of the tank to make sure it's not rusty. Might be a good idea to put a transparent in-line fuel filter in between the petcock and carbs to catch any gunk that might get stirred up by all this new activity.

Probably needs new tires if it still has the original ones. If they are the original tires they are going on 13 years old and probably dry-rotted to hell. Get some new rubber on there and you should be good to go. Would suck to total such a pristine bike by having an old tire blow out on you. Not to mention getting injured or dead.

Keep an eye out for oil leaks, all the rubber gaskets may be a little dry/shrinky after so much time not being used.

Other than that, ride it and love it.

Originally Posted by Mackayw650 View Post

I just bought a 2000 W650 with 3500 miles. A gentlemen bought it as a collectors piece from the previous owner in 2004 and then mothballed it. He just retired and sold all of his bikes.

Before he sold the bike he had the oil changed and the pilot jets cleaned.

I drove the bike home and with the exception of a bad battery, that needs to be replaced, it ran fine... What general maintenance would you recommend doing for a bike that sat that long (lube chain, check/change break fluid, anything else?). He put 70 miles on in eight years.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated... just don't want to do somehting stupid on this awesome bike.


2000 Kawasaki W650
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