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Day 7 Friday, August 17, 2012

Woke up to good, but cool, weather. My plan for today was to go to the Buckley Old Engine Show. I have never been to the show. They were predicting rain tomorrow so I decided to pack up, go to the show and then head a little closer to home for the night in case it rained tomorrow.

Buckley is only about 20 miles from Cycle-Moore campground. From the parking lot to the Buckley Old Engine Show I had to walk over a little hill. When I crested the hill I felt like I was walking into the Industrial Revolution.

They had a lot of steam and old gasoline engines on display and almost all of them were running. Here are a few pictures of the bigger ones.

They were also outboard motors and lots of other things.

I thought this was great. It is a 1932 Maytag washing machine. I talked the guy that restored it and he explained that in 1932 there were still a lot of people without electricity. So Maytag made washing machines with 2-cycle engines. It had water in it and the guy started it up for me. To start it you step on a pedal to turn the motor over. If you look close at the photo you can see it is stirring up the water.

Years ago I use to make parts that went into Gardner-Denver air compressors. Every now and then I see an old one somewhere. I donít know what year this is but it is definitely the oldest one I have ever seen. It is a steam-powered air compressor, and like most of the engines on display it was running.

They hold the Old Engine Show every year in Buckley so they have some buildings with larger displays in them. Here is an awesome display, a saw mill! They ran the whole saw mill off of one of the steam-driven tractors with a belt running to the drive pulley in the saw mill. The boards they were making are used for the buildings that house the displays.

I spent most of the day at the Old Engine Show. Then I headed to Wilson State Park which is actually right in the city of Harrison. The Masonic Lodge in Harrison sells homemade pasties on the weekend. They use the money for scholarships for kids at the local high school. So I was able to get a great homemade pastie even though I wasnít in the Upper Peninsula. I checked and they do use rutabaga in thier pasties and they were aghast when I told them I had a pastie in the Upper Peninsula that didn't have rutabaga in it. It was delicious.

I put on an even 100 miles today.
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