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OK - theres good news and bad - first up the bad
It did not cure the headshake, I give up i have tried everything i might as well gear it down and not go over 130 kph
Now for the good news, it feels so much better to ride more comfy and on the dirt "fantastic" it has taken that tipping over from the front out - i have had three offs on dirt where the front wheel has slid from under me making me highside and it has taken that feel away - i know peeps will say yeah but it wont corner as well but i corner with alot of rear wheel so it feels better more planted up front

so thats a and a
p.s the windsheild didn't take the headshake away either i don't know if i mentioned that
p.s.s going to start on the fuel filter on the weekend anything i should know about
p.s.s.s just went for a spin with the missus on the back no speed wobble at all

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