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I got the bike packed

I left Steves in WV, right before a storm was due to come in. I was lucky & didnt hit any rain, just some wet roads. I wandered NE thru WV, VA, WV, MD, & into PA. I stopped in Gettysburg, on the way, but was a bit cautious, as in the past, southerners were not always greeted warmly. G-burg is famous for the battles fought here during the war of northern aggression.

from there, I made it to York & spent the night.
Funny story, I stopped outside g-burg at a bike shop to check the oiling & see about getting an extra quart of oil. The oiling on this is a metered drip feed, with an extra handpump on top of the tank if needed. Theres a petcock under the tank to open the oil flow to the motor from the hand pump. you open it up to give an extra squirt of oil when needed.
The sump in the bottom of the motor was a little low
So, I opened the petcock, & gave a few pumps of oil, started it up, and took off.
It was smoking a good bit, so I gave it a little too much oil, no biggie. It'll burn off.
I got about 10 miles farther, and stopped at a traffic light. bike is running a little much, and then I noticed the smoke. James Bond didnt have shit on my smokescreen. I couldnt see the car behind me!
I kept it running, & stopped just past there at a motel. It was full tho, so I was gonna take off, but figured I should drain the excess oil out first. I opened the drain, & oil shot out like greased shit thru a goose!
I had to back up, to keep the puddle from reaching my boot
and then backed up again. and again
Shit! I forgot to turn off the petcock, so the oil tank emptied into the bottom of the motor

sometimes I am such a dumbass!

oh, and the puddle I left in the motel was about 10 feet long

the next day was spent dodging rainstorms, missed most all of them. I only had one problem, some carbon got in the exhaust valve, causing the bike to lose compression & die. So I pulled the head, cleaned the face, & got back on the road

I stopped at this old Gulf station in Stroudsburg, its nice to see these old places still running. The guy even gave me a dicount on gas because he liked the old bike

Shawn from NJ came over to meet me, & we road to Newburgh together, thru PA, NJ & NY, getting to Newburgh about dark
had to stop for a picture in Beemerville tho.....

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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