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Originally Posted by Venteuri View Post
That looks dangerous!!

imagine some drivers rear ending you?
All I have left is to sharpen the c- channels, in the event of a car rear ending me, it will be less blunt. They will stab into the car instead of bending metal. I did it that way to stop people from rear ending me. I like the Mad Max look. In reality we are in the process of fitment. The rails are only c- clamped, deck is sitting on them so I can get a visual idea of what it will look like and measurement for cutting to size. Thanks for your concern for other people. I'm all about safety also. 10 years working in the oil field, 6 years as a driller (foreman) and only 1 lost time accident. When I finish, the rails will be capped, everything bolted, pinned or welded. I will add strips of that red-white-red-white..........reflective tape on the backside of the hand rails and along the bottom edge of the deck. The kind you see on 18 wheeler trailers. I will have recessed, turn, brake and marker lights. The whole reason for the deck is safety. It will give me a wide platform for getting the bikes thru the door. Before I was doing the balancing act while standing on the 24 inch wide ramp.

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