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IncIuding one bad ass lady rider or maybe two. Saturday will let you see the whole deal, hang out afterwords and get someone to let your son ride an Ocet, you ride someone's trials bike. Just ask and be friendly, everyone there will be ubber nice and your always welcome. Time to buy trials bikes, you will be able to beat your son for a few years maybe.
Hey ATeamNM- my wife and I tried a trial's event in Angel Fire in 2006 and met Garrett who gave a tour of the lower sections. He wasn't the 6 foot bohemoth he has turned into, I think he was 7 or 8 and we also met Rachel at Sipapu before she became one badass lady. Sold our trial's bikes to Rob ONeill when we started adopting children.

I have experienced the Trial's group and yes you all are ubber nice and would love come and spectate and possibly see my son on a tuned down Osset. May not be able to make it Saturday as we have a soccer game until 1130 so soonest we could make it up would be 2ish.

My Angel Fire event was in the novice, having ridden dirt and street for 15 years I thought I would nail it, didn't realize how hard it is to ride a motorcycle slow. I hadn't sweated that much since I was 15 and had broke into my Dad's stash and was waiting for my punishment. I think I lost 10lbs and Larry and Sherry gave me a beer after my last section. It tasted sooo good even though I think it was a PBR, but it was ice cold.

If we don't make it up this weekend, we'll shoot for a San Ysidro event where I will have to ask someone for the gate combo again. I think I have 2 combo's for the gate, if they are still valid. Looking forward to seeing how far Devin's boy has come as his and my son are pretty close in age.

Thanks for the invite and hope to make a meet in the near future! Rick
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