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Originally Posted by dankatz View Post
Anyone move from the DR350 to the CRF230L or has both? I am seriously thinking of going to a smaller bike mostly so that my wife can feel more comfortable. I also noticed the XT225 is very similar in specs - have no idea how the character is. Super sherpas are no where to be found. I like the reviews I read of the CRF. Any thoughts?
I picked up a left over '09 230L last April and have found it to be a lot of fun, esp up in the mountains of NC/TN/GA and on the Forest Service roads. I rode some 225/250's and an older KLR 250 and really liked the looks, fit and finish and "power" of the Honda better. I have a couple other dual sports, a DRZ that is mainly set up for dirt / single track, a KLR that I commute on and a new to me XR650R that I plan to motard and ride at the track and maybe make my DD (if I sell the KLR).

I stiffened up the preload, and added 1 washer to the needle (after the de-smog) and with the 6-speed transmission and low gearing it is a hoot to ride. Works fine for NC because the only roads I ride there are 2-lane, it would not make a Interstate cruiser. Seems very happy around 50-60 mph (indicated). My GF likes it very much and is very comfy on it - very confidence inspiring. She's had several bikes that were too tall or too much and seems to get along with the little Honda the best of all.

Good luck!
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