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Cry model 44's on the blink, not happy.

G'day Sanjoh,

Back in October of last year I purchased a set of model 44's off you. Only got to fit them to my bike in Feb of this year.

For the first couple of months they worked fine. My bike is a 2010 R1200gs. The lights are fitted to a PC8 Fuse block with a IQ-170 from Skeene Products and a mini switch from Cyclenutz which is used to turn the lights on.

I sent you a post a couple of months ago regarding the flickering in one of the lights and you told me not to worry.

Well a week ago the other light went out totally and the other lights flicker is getting worse.

Decided to pull the tank of last week and check all the connections again. Everything checked out fine. Disconnected the mini switch and ran the lights through the IQ-170 same problem. Disconnected the IQ-170 and ran the lights connected to the battery same problem.

I understand from your website the lights had a limited warranty and I am well outside that time frame. I am more annoyed that other people are having a good run from them. I suppose Chinese manafactured items can have variable quality. Only three weeks ago I had to replace a ballast on my 35w HID from DDM which I have had on for the same time as the modell 44's.

Sanjoh, I don't no what to do here. Do I purchase another set and take the risk??. Can I send them back to you to have a look at or do I bin them and go for a set of Clearwaters.

Any help would be much appreciated Sanjoh.

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