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I know you did not ride in the 'daytime', but would you still recommend riding up in the 'evening' (assuming reasonable rest)? Where there any particular downsides?

In June/July it's daylight 24 hours a day north of the Arctic circle. Basically the sun spins around in a circle at the angle your used to seeing at 1PM in the lower 48 - all day long. The author stated as much in the ride report.

I worked in Prudhoe/Deadhorse, summer and winter, seen both extremes.

In Anchorage the sun briefly dips below the horizon in late June/July. The darkest it gets is twilight.

If your going to do this ride, I highly recommend planning it such that you hit Fairbanks at roughly the end of June. You may hit a lot of fog in June. The clearest weather is early August, tends to be dryer. By Sept 1, the snow will be flying in Deadhorse.
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