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Originally Posted by 1200gsceej View Post
How do you balance riding (for daily distance) and stopping (for photos, as well as rest or sight seeing)?
Do you make quick stops for a snap from the bike, then ride on?
Do you find a spot and spend 10-20 minutes in photo mode?
Hi ceej. I'm happy to see you are liking the report. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can.
To me, a motorcycle journey like this is also a photographic expedition. Just like motorcyling, I love to shoot pictures and don't ever have enough time to do it. I also usually know I am writing a report, so I am always thinking of getting enough photos to document things that happen along the way and the ever changing scenery. Shooting photos while moving allows you to fill in the gaps between photo stops without taking time. My cameras are easily accessible and often I'll stop to compose and shoot a scene while still astride the bike. There were plenty of times I skipped photo opportunities on this trip in the interest of time. One thing that helps is the fact I no longer have to stop so often for fuel. I can instead, plan my breaks at a scenic spot. When I'm off the bike, I'm usually taking photos.

Originally Posted by 1200gsceej View Post
Been on a number of those roads - movie took me back there.
I saw you take some pix while you were riding - a point-and-shoot I presume. Where did you keep it for easy access and how was it attached? I have tried a lanyard around my neck, and have kept camera in outside pocket or sometimes just dangling. What do you do? Any special setting for those 'on the go' shots?
I'm enjoying this - thanks.
That video does show me taking a lot of pics while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and is kind of scary looking with all of the traffic around. I am not looking at the camera much though.

Many of your questions (including details about how I shoot on the move and other photography stuff) are answered in this thread; The Art of the Ride Report... Based on the variety of your questions, I think you would like this thread. It has lots of advice from some of my favorite RR authors.

Originally Posted by 1200gsceej View Post
Nice trip/map display; how did you do it?
The map was created from the GPS tracks. When in the Garmin Mapsource software you click on "show tracks in Google Earth". (Of course, you need Google Earth installed.) I used the Windows 7 Snipping tool to save a portion of my screen as a JPEG. I explained how to capture a screen shot using Paint in the link above as well.
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