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Originally Posted by Spud Rider View Post
I'm not addressing anyone in particular, but what's the problem with two threads? I follow a lot of threads of several different forums. I don't have a problem with the other thread; I still follow it. However, the other thread was centered on the anticipated introduction of the new bike, and speculation about its performance, specifications, et cetera. Now that the bike has arrived and many people own it, it only seems natural for this thread to concentrate on modifications, aftermarket support, et cetera.

A better question is why more than one thread to follow the same subject? Are folks interested in this bike not allowed to comment unless they are owners? And if so, why? Why not 15 threads all tracking the same subject? All bike-specific threads follow the same progression: the press announcement, discussion between those who dig it and those that don't, then as the bikes start coming in, the discussion turns to problems and solutions, mods, etc. That's a natural progression. There's no need to start multiple threads to cover the same subject.
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