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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
Oh wow! Thanks, for all that.

While demo riding the 800, I got to looking at a TE250 and talking about the new 650s coming down the line. I thought if only I could get a Husky to be more distance-worthy, I might just keep my Tiger 1050. I do have KLR lust, but, want something that's lighter and the 800 could fill both roles. Considered a WRR, too. My buddy has a TE310 and 640 Adventure, so I'll have to see what the future holds. Thanks, again.
Man, you're all over the board there. You need to ride some of those on your list, that would probaby help you take some off your shortlist. Especially the KLR. Nothing screams noob louder than a KLR. And they are REALLY slowwwwww.

The TE250 is a great trailbike for a smaller rider. For the same bike with a little more poop, the TE310 or KTM350.

One of the best plated dirtbikes ever made is the KTM 450EXC. Even as far back as '01, they are great bikes. But they are a plated dirtbike, not an over the road bike.

The TE630 will do lots of miles, on and offroad, but not with the comfort of the 800XC. I didn't buy 800 with the thought of doing a lot of dirt with it, certainly not with the husky in the garage as well.

The 640 is also a very good dualsport, better for road than the lighter bikes. The 690 is very good too, but too many problems with them for my taste. Some guys will put up with all that finicky BS. Same for the 990 - great bike, too fussy for me. There are just too many problems with KTM EFI. The tiger OTH, is super smooth.
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