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Originally Posted by beemerphile View Post
Hopefully they whip his lame ass with it. That's th' gol-danged stupidest thing them dimwits has come up with. And I thought duster coats were stupid. And tassles on the handlebars so you can tell if they are moving. And chaps. And fingerless gloves. And puddin' bowls. And leather vests with a sleeveless wifebeater T-shirt. And ape-hangers. And chains on their wallets. Missing mufflers. And whacking the throttle continuously at traffic lights. Skulls 'n shit all over them and the bike. Frickin' train-robber masks.

But a leather whip hanging from your brake lever, well, that's just rich.
actually the fingerless gloves are pretty cool. I picked up a pair a few weeks ago on a whim - now I can get my wallet out of my pocket and retrieve my credit card so I can buy gas without taking my gloves off. I can get my key out of my pocket. dial my cell phone. send a text message. work the atm machine. pick my nose. put in ear plugs. take a whiz. tickle my lady friend. reset my tripmeters....

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