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Great. I want 2" of drop!!
I am 5'4" with a 29" inseam.
I used ratchet straps to figure out what I would like for seat height....and at 2" lower than stock I find the bike much more manageable. The height it is now, while right foot is tippy toe, I can't even get near the sidestand to put it up. I have to hop up on the bike, and while it's balanced straight up, quickly drop my left leg and sweep the sidestand up, and hurry to get a foot down before I tip over. Here is a pic to demonstrate just how short I am on it:

I think once I get it as low as I am willing to go, I will have to chop off the pegs and weld them on higher up. I already drag the pegs when riding in the mountains now, even on Bridgestone 023's.

When I forst got the bike it was alot more of an issue. Now I am just used to it the way it is. I am certain it is amusing for others to watch though,LOL. I do however, find two uppping dreadful. Not while riding, it's just the 30 seconds while the passenger gets on. I have such little footing that any "off" movements the passenger makes while getting on, off, or even at a stoplight could have me dropping the bike. Funny thing is that hasn't happened yet, but I don't ride 2 up much on it either.
I would like to start doing more bad pavement, gravel, backroads, and abandoned places int he future, and I think better footing would help. If I sacrfice a little cornering prowess in doing so, oh well, that's what my racebikes are for.
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