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I must be target customer for this bike.

it appears this bike is directly targeted to compete with the MTS1200, Triumph explorer and upcoming watercooled R1200GS. I'm sure it will have typical KTM attributes which means top shelf components, agile handling and be more dirt worthy than those competitiors. im ok if it is less offroad capable than the current ADV as i already have more dirt oriented options and what i really want is a tall comfortabe bike that is great all rounder......with big power. Im curious to see what tires / wheel packages will be offered but with WP suspension and a 150HP motor im 100% certain this bike is going to be better than either the triumph or GS for my needs. its going to come down to this vs the MTS1200.

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Here is a link to a German review of the bike. Use the Google translator (or any translator) to read it in English.

Highlights that stand out to me in no specific order:

1. 150 hp - Article seems to indicate there is a feature to lower hp to 100 when required.
2. Traction Control (manage that 150hp in the dirt)
3. 510lbs WET with a 24L fuel tank
4. Oil window

The one thing I don't like is the drive by wire similar to the Multistrata. I prefer something I can fix in the middle of nowhere.
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