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Originally Posted by SonnyCooL View Post
english version :

i find it abit awkward that adventure bike come with somany electronic gadget ? how we going to fix it when we middle of no where ????
I kinda wish I would have waited to buy this instead of my RC8R. One thing for sure, this is a peach of an engine. The same reasons the RC8R gets beaten up by the sportbike mags that crave top end rush, make this a great power plant for this bikes intended use. Huge midrange grunt and perfect fueling, this is the best EFI bike I have ever ridden.

Now for my speculation: there will not be any 1090 or 1290, never was. It was just a feeler and/or a bit of misinformation to mess with competition (j/k).

And the ABS as explained in the link finally makes sense! Thank you for a mode that allows minimal front slip with no rear wheel ABS as an option for those that actually know how to ride motorcycles. It's about time ABS was used as performance enhancer and not a bureaucrats edict to protect people from themselves while paradoxically making them less safe when used by a competent user in its intended use.
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