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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
Your zumo 660 has plenty of internal storage for the CNEU maps - they have actually gotten small in size over the last two years due to better compression.

Firstly, remove the partial CNEU maps you just installed (gmapsupp.img):
-- Western Europe

Then reboot your zumo and make sure your CNEU 2013.20 maps are ENABLED. The CNEU 2013.20 3D are only 3D data to supplement the street data but it needs to be there. Try finding your Budapest location again.

Dan, Thanks,

I deleted gmapsupp.img from the Zumo 660. I then disconnected the Zumo 660 from my computer. It powered up and then I powered it down and powered it up again outside. On the Zumo 660 I went through “Tools” then “Settings” then “Map” then “Map Info” stated that the following was installed:
- CN Europe NT 2013.20 3D
- BMW Motorrad
--Worldwide v.7.00
- CN Europe NT 2013.20
--Western Europe

I'm not sure how to ensure what maps are enabled.

I then went to "Where To?" then "Recently Found." The Zumo did remember the address near Budapest so I pressed on it. It took awhile to calculate the route but it did do it. However, when I panned on the Zumo to my destination there were no longer any roads, which isn't helpful.

Did I do something incorrect?
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