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Day 3

Day 3

Sunday was the big day. WMRS gate was open and we could ride all the way to the station, over 12K feet high.
We had our breakfast (thanks again Lorie) and head over to Chidago Canyon.

Joel and Rich are admiring canyon carvings.

Hole in the wall.

We found some hieroglyphs from 4,000 BC

Right before we hit payment to Bishop to gas up for Silver Canyon.

We get gas at Bishop (but obviously it wasn't enough for Joel, we found it out later in the day ) and headed up to Silver Canyon

Canyon road was rocky as usual.

Joel on the run

And then at one right turn:

It was a steep uphill too,

Right after I let Joel ride away, I felt my front tire was acting weird. I stopped and check, it was flat. I tried to put some air in so I can go to the top of the hill to fix it. But after 2 more turns, it was flat again. So I stopped to change it.

But Rich and Joel were ahead of me and probably made it to the top already. There was no way to let them know what was going on. Sena intercom was useless in those mountains. After 15-20 mins I heard them coming down the road. They though I was down and waiting to be rescued. :)
This is the view where I got the flat.

Finally we made it to the top.

Rest of the ride was just fast and easy dirt roads.

And here is a rare picture. 3 GSA's in one picture on WMRS road. 2 more right around the corner as well.

Todd and Eric is following him

And finally WMRS. It was 32 miles from Bishop Shell station.

Rest of the day is coming next...
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