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Originally Posted by mexipike View Post
I just picked up a street pilot iii on ebay for $40. It was the same model more or less as the bmw nav 1. I may try and swap screens when I get it. Are there any advantages to the nav 1 over the street pilot? Should I just forget about the bmw, mount the garmin and hit the road?

As a side note, I know these are ancient machines but I'm trying to decide if I really want to get into gps or not before I spend the dough for a nicer unit.
IIRC, the biggest difference between the BMW Navigators and the plain jane Garmin units is the built-in dealer database. The screen swap is actually very straightforward if you've got some technical savvy. You'll want to invest a couple dollars in a wrist strap and ESD mat - an errant static discharge can turn that marginal GPS into a very good paperweight.
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