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Finally got around to changing the tires, the new ones have been sitting in my garage for about a month. Wore the original 11 year old tires down to nothing at 6,000 miles.

The rear wheel came off relatively easy, and my friend having just bought a whole No-Mar tire changing setup, we used that. Surprising, it wasn't that easy to dismount/mount even with the changer.

The front turned out to be a problem. It requires a 12MM Allen wrench, which my friend didn't have. Neither did the other 5 places I tried, including 3 auto parts dealers, a hardware store, and a motorcycle shop. After spending an hour looking, I finally recalled a business that specialized in metric hardware, and they did have one, for the amazing price of only $3.

Still a problem, as the axle nut kept turning even after we tightened the pinch bolts in the fork legs. It required two Allen wrenches, one for each side. So I cut a 1 1/2" piece off the one I bought with a Dremel cut off wheel, stuck it in the hole, and put an adjustable wrench on it. Still took a lot of force to open it. OK, at least we had the wheel off. Back on the No-Mar, removed the old tire and tube, and put the tire half way on, and tried to get the tube in. Lot of problem getting the valve stem in, but finally did, and had to pull it through by tightening the nut on the stem. Not good, took too much pressure. Got the tire on, filled the tube, and heard the air rushing back out. FUCK!

Back to the motorcycle shop where I had bought the tubes that morning, and the woman at the counter looked at my face, and asked "pinched the front or the rear?"

I had brought the whole wheel, and had them do the change and new tube. Enough.

I hate changing tires!
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