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so far I have pulled back the bars half an inch and brought the levers in. Have tried the screen both up and down and off altogether, the off altogether gives clear wind into the helmet which seems easier to handle than turbulent air. First thing Monday will be an order for a larger screen.

These sort of bikes are so effortless to ride, the motor is really nice and plenty of room to move around on the seat

The traction control and abs have me going down gravel roads the three times I've ridden it. if slowly moving on the loose gravel you can pin it and it will just squirt for a half second and then it backs the power off - quite interesting.

I tested the abs on both front and rear and had it kick in both times, going downhill on gravel I was surprised how much front braking I could do before it twitched so yeah - better get some radiator protection bars before too long

coming home into a really strong wind I realised how poor that screen is, it's weird I mean you'd have to be long legged, long armed and short torso-ed to reach the ground, bars and stay under the highest setting on the screen - but anyhow

this isn't a bike to sit back and gork at, though I do look at it in-terms of what gadgets can I put on and where can I attach stuff. None of these bikes or this style do it for me aesthetically, can't see myself cleaning it too much or going out to the shed to look it - just gonna ride it

having a dealer in town was a big reason for getting one

I would suggest if you can that you ride one before making an opinion on the way they ride - some people somehow make a judgment about a bikes riding characteristics without ever taking one for a spin. and in the flesh, they are much easier to look at
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