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I'm inspired. For me, I would look for any early 90s Bluebird with a 360 Intl 6. Best would be the 6 spd manual to go with it. I drove that config bus for 2 years in rural MN and it was an amazing sled, even with a bunch of noisy kids! Especially fun when the little ones in the back row hit their heads on the roof from a big bump.

But seriously, Bluebird chassis and bodies are unbeatable - none better. The 360 inline 6 is an amazingly simple and reliable engine and has all the power a body needs for decent cruising. I could routinely get the but up to 65 without any trouble. Best reason for the 360 is that it doesn't have the PS/444 with ECU and all of the attendant potential for electronic mayhem our shop manager was always crying into his beer about.

Good on ya, mate. Only change I would wonder about would be changing the rear door into a double (side by side) for easier loading.
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