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I get that its too big, too heavy, too complex and has too much HP for your current needs. However, as mentioned before, I'm the target customer for this bike and you clearly are not. This bike has made me re-think my decision that the MTS1200 is my next bike and I will certainly wait until more info on the 1290 is available before I make a purchase.
my definition of an all rounder at this point includes (but is by no means limited to) loading my bike with 50 lbs of gear and heading out for a few days with a passenger. I'm not getting any younger so comfort is important to me especially when riding all day for multiple days. I'm looking for something that can be ridden hard and is a blast solo on twisty, bumpy backroads but also capable on the long haul which means; decent range, comfort for 2, room for a lot of stuff and dirt road ready.
I have owned an 950SE, 950ADV and now own a 950SM and an HP2e...all awesome bikes for their intended purposes. And I would argue that even 100HP is useless/overkill off road. In contrast IMO 100HP even on a 400lb bike is underpowered and non-satisfying for a lot of street riding especially wihen fully loaded with 400+ lbs on board. I just dont get people who say 150HP is useless on the street??? Perhaps it is simply a statement of the fact that some people ride differently than you? Although i would agree that the bike you describe would be awesome it's a completely different and much smaller target market than the new 1290 is aiming at.....and considering KTM is in business to make money would they even consider building such a bike?

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I said 50-75, and with all the R&D I think 50 would be a good target rather than what they came up with!

They could have moved more towards the SE as a start, single exhaust and put $ into weight loss rather than 150 HP, no? The LC-8 was awesome, ten years ago! Look at development in their own EXCs and Husabergs as far as simplifing and weight loss. I'll bet the engine could drop 20lbs easily with new castings and SOHCs. It could also have dropped in displacement and made 100 HP too. A reinforced plastic subframe fuel tank fed thru a thin front tank would be a good start. Husaberg 70 degree style airfilter you don't need to dig thru 20 bolts top get out. I could go on but nobody would want less rotating engine mass and a 400ish lbs bike that was easier to service, right?

They targeted the brands I mentioned, but those brands don't build anything that interest me. The last thing on my list of wants is 150 HP, been there and don't need it. Useless numbers on a street/dirt machine.
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