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Originally Posted by DrKayak View Post
Why get the second bike ridable? I would save it for parts for the one that does run.
What's better than a second parts bike that you can ride

Originally Posted by DrKayak View Post
There is a 95 beign parted out on E-bay. Looks like the forks have sold. I got the rear fender off it. Yea, parts are not that common compared to a XL350 or the like.
Thanks for the heads up. Did you get the fender supports as well? Wanna sell em or swap for some parts?

Originally Posted by DrKayak View Post
I saw the bikes you bout on craigslist. $800 for both? that's a deal you would never find out west.
Thats what he was asking

Originally Posted by Harvey Krumpet View Post
Yup, I just got myself up to the eyeballs in debt buying a suitable garden with a rocky stream in it. Oh, it comes with a house too, apparently. Should really have bought a bike first....The girlfriend is supportive of my condition, though.
You did the right thing, bikes come n go but a nice place to ride em is priceless
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