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Hey, I believe in permits & zoning! We just don't have em here, like a few other backwoods places,probably very few. It would really crimp my style to deal with being told where to bulid fences ,how high & so on! I keep a clean , neat place and keep the car doors, log/lumber piles, chickens, etc in their place & organized. My problem is I work too much & I'm getting old too! I was/am impressed with your project & yes, it did cost more than all my buildings, not counting the land. FWIW, "farms" in my county were bought(before me being here) for the standard $1 per acre or even less, with mine being much more.
Your cave has better construction features(which are something I know about) than my SIL's expensive house in FL! My only real criticism would be that it's way to "nice" for my sort of shop activities. Nice project!
p.s. from a retired teacher
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