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Rexbro, you are The Man! Hope you don't mind, but I took screen caps of your pics and added some circles to clarify what I did.

I opened the unit and pulled the small board that has the USB port attached.

Rather than remove the USB port, I tried a slight variation. I let my soldering iron get nice and hot and then held it against the 3 tabs, one at a time, where the circles are. The idea was to liquefy existing solder and allow it to re-join any cracks that might have developed. I could not see any even with my big magnifier, but thought it worth the effort.

Next I took a close look at the tabs on the bottom of the board that make contact to the main board.

What I found was that one or 2 of my tabs were slightly bent down. No way of knowing if it was far enough to cause contact to be lost, but I took a tiny jeweler's screwdriver and bent them all out so that they were just slightly higher than parallel to the board surface.

I then re-assembled and brought it to the computer, where I proceeded to hook up its power cord and USB cable. No sooner did I power it up than the computer recognized it, and sure enough, when I fired up mapsource, I was able to pull the tracks made during my last trip!

Thank you so much, Rexbro! __________________
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