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Reapirs done...decided to sell

Originally Posted by lake_harley View Post
Thank you for that link! There's a lot of ideas and similarities to what my bike is doing. Within the link you posted there's also a link to another thread that has a link to a YouTube video, and that video was about what my bike was doing (hesitating and then reving) until it got much worse (today). My bike was almost impossible to get started when it died today. Finally it would take off, even got it up to 8K at one point in a lower gear, but it always bogged with lots of throttle for a while and then would rev, or I'd have to ease up on the throttle to keep it running. I'm almost wondering if it's maybe some bad electrical connections on the injectors or (more likely) TPS???

I'll have to take another look at the threads to gather ideas, but one thing seems clear, the solution doesn't seem like it's going to come out of a bottle.

Thanks again. It may take me a while to get back to the bike to check things, but I'll post updates and hopefully findings that fix the bike. Maybe it'll help someone else through something similar in the future.

I thought that I had posted a follow up to my FZ6's problem, but apparently I hadn't.

I finally accepted that I wasn't getting the bike fixed and took it to a Yamaha dealer. Diagnostics pointed at a air temp sensor and a fuel pressure sensor. After they got those parts in, installed them and adjusted the throttle position sensor(? TPS), the bike was much better, but still not right. They then looked into what they termed "lost spark". They found one bad spark plug cap, and the others were not snapped on tight...doh! Performance is once again restored. Rode it home from the dealership...about 60 miles and all was well. I'm wondering it the spark plug caps were most of the problem from the beginning, but at least it's fixed.

Talking about needed repairs may not be a good way to start a plug for the bike, but I've decided I have grown the fleet too much (once again) and have decided to sell the FZ6. If you're interested in the bike, you can find the ad on the flea market and by clicking I really like the bike, but can only justify having so many bikes and cars around, and the FZ6 is just not getting used as much as I thought it would when I bought it. As distasteful as repairs are, I accept that things do malfunction and repairs are just part of ownership. At least the sensors and plug cap problems won't be someone else's problem now....all is good.

Update from additional service performed 9/20/12....apparently the dealership didn't quite get things right the first time. I ended up taking the bike back to the dealership the 2nd time, and after hours of trying various things the problem boiled down to spark plug wires/caps again. It's now been ridden 100+ miles since getting it back and hasn't had a glitch or miss. I do give the dealership credit for sticking with it through the problem and getting it resolved. They only charged me for a fraction of the time they actually worked on it.

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