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From a recent article:
"With Mathieu back on campus, Miles said he was not aware of any school policies that would prevent the popular ex-Tiger from rejoining the team in 2013. That means it would be up to Miles and top athletic administrators to decide if Mathieu can be trusted to avoid further trouble. However, Miles and athletic director Joe Alleva are declining to comment on the matter at this time."
I'm a firm believer in giving everyone a second chance. Look what Cam Newton did after leaving Florida? He grew up, matured and dedicated himself to being a better person.

Part of my job at work is nailing people when they screw up - It's a fine line between someone taking advantage of the opportunity versus taking advantage of me but I've gotten good at telling the difference. I could tell Cam was doing the right thing - this kid? dunno He needs to prove himself, stay clean and stay in school.

I wish him well.
Second chance? He was already in counselling for his previous failed drug test when he failed the one that led to his dismissal.

Maybe the decision to try and get back into LSU football was because no other "Big Time" school wanted a 2 time loser?

Just to add: I don't think smoking a little dope is a big deal, but apparently LSU does. They set the rules, he broke them, he pays the price.
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