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Originally Posted by M1Tanker View Post

I checked the CD that came with my Zumo 660 and it is titled "City Navigator Europe NT 2011." I then went on the Garmin website to verify what the coverage was. The following is the image that displays the coverage:

The image indicates that Hungary has the detailed coverage but that doesn't appear to be the case on my Zumo. I'm at a loss as to what to do. Does the mapping shown above exceed the drive space on the Zumo? If it does and the hard drive space on the Zumo 660 is 32GB then it isn't going to fit on a micro SD card either.

I'm confused. I need to get this figured out.
Your zumo only has about 3GB of user space available which is more than enough for the CNEU maps. If you have a µSD Card installed, Using MapInstall, select Custom and then select CNEU and MapInstall should divide CNEU up between internal and the µSD Card IF there isn't room for the complete map in internal storage.

I'm still perplexed as to how you only got CNEU Western Europe 2013.20 installed. This is actually a CN product. Anyway, do not delete the CNEU product that is on the zumo now. This can cause additional problems if not done correctly.

I don't recall from our previous exchanges, are you using Windows or Mac?

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