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Originally Posted by Hill Climber View Post
I did a quick google search and found that your zumo has an internal memory of 4 GB, not 32. That should be lots of memory to hold all of Europe. You won't need to utilize an SD card.

(I went back to your original post and realized that you're usinig Base Camp, and not Mapsource. I don't use Base Camp as I believe it only allows you to download maps directly to your gps. Mapsource allows you to download to both the gps and your computer, which, in my opinion, allows you more independant flexiblilty to transfer mapsets, routes and waypoints to your gps.)
I think M1Tanker miss read the spec's which are 3.2GB of user storage. As for your thoughts on BaseCamp, you're a bit mistaken. BaseCamp completely supports maps loaded on the computer as well as reading the factory installed GPS map. When using MapInstall, maps are installed on the GPS and external (SD) storage in a much more flexible manner than MapSource can do. But, one needs to be using the latest version of MapInstall. And, quite frankly, the Mac version of MapInstall is a much better product than the Windows version currently.

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