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windypoint: thanks, that's not the first time i've heard that advice. i'll ride with the fear of death around every bend as i always do.

rtwpaul: yes, i was at 138 lbs. for everything i took on my canada test trip, including my riding gear. basically like having a passenger. i will cull some of the fluff for the SA trip. the real question is: to camp or not to camp. i know that i won't need to, as affordable accommodations will be available 99% of the time, but i LOVE to camp off the bike, and really think i would like that option on the road. i talked with dan, one of the motobrothers about this - he said they took camping gear, and out of several months only camped a few nights, and not because they HAD to but because they wanted to. admittedly, that's about 25 lbs. of luxury that one does not need. if i jettison the camping gear, i don't need the top box (or the weight of the top box.)

i felt really good about my setup on my canada test trip. i didn't feel like i was heavy, i got off road a bit, everything seemed pretty good. especially having the duffle, as i could lock the 3 boxes, throw the duffle on my back (backpack straps), grab the tank bag, and i had everything important, valuable, and that i needed for overnight on my person. this would be ideal for SA border crossing, etc. also, with my crappy back and neck, the duffle makes a pretty nice backrest (which i didn't foresee).

i'm a novice, and i'll take more crap than i need and learn that lesson the hard way. TLS! (take less shit!) is the ADV way. i'll get there eventually.

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