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Originally Posted by samppa2005 View Post
Here is an old picture of the splash guard. The picture is not very good and i had to chop it a bit since but you get the idea. You can also see it in the pics i posted previously. A couple of things you need to do:

1. Cut off about 5mm from the sides because it rubs on the swingarm. (this is important. Not seen in picture)
2. Make a bracket for the chain guard. I used a piece of PEHD plastic to bend an L-shaped piece.
3. Bolt on the splashguard. If you are lazy just use self tapping screws I made the holes through and put on proper bolts.

Very easy and cheap after all!

As for the oiltank and underbelly there is the KTM/SW-motech "skidplate" you can get. It's expencive though at something like 200. And the design is somewhat suspicious..
Thanks for posting the pic and modification tips. I'm going to order an SE splash guard tomorrow! The plow front shape of the SW-Motech skidplate looks all wrong for dirt -an instant endo waiting to happen.
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