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About 2 hours later. I disconnected the Zumo 660 and took it outside and turned it on. On the Zumo 660 I went through “Tools” then “Settings” then “Map” then “Map Info” stated that the following was installed:
- CN Europe NT 2013.20 3D
- BMW Motorrad
--Worldwide v.7.00
- CN Europe NT 2013.20
-- Central & Eastern Europe (NOTE: Previously it stated Western Europe.)

I then looked to my destination (panning to it) outside Budapest and the road was listed. Success, I suppose, but I had achieved that earlier by using MapInstall and just grabbing those areas of the map (WIENER NEUSTADT, OSTERREICH, BUDAPEST, MAGYARORSA.) I then panned to London to see if there were detailed streets there. There were no details below the M road level. So it appears that I lost the Western Europe detail.

I checked my computer and it states that the Zumo has 1.32GB free of 3.65GB and that the µSD Card in the Zumo has 1.83GB free of 1.83GB. I'm planning on getting a larger µSD Card tomorrow but I'm not sure how it is going to help me get all of the CN Europe 2013.20 on the Zumo. Nothing is on the µSD Card now and I don't recall seeing an option to add anything to it.

Oh, I have purchased the Garmin LifeTime Updater.

You have to be smarter than the equipment you operate and I'm not sure that I am at this point.
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