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hi all, my small contribution

writing to you from across the atlantic. in lisbon, portugal, noticed this is the longest thread of any forum regarding schuberth vs neotec and comms also

I do have a kawasaki versys and just bought a neotec. So this is my story here;

Used a givi x-08 (aka givi x-modular) for the last two years, size L59. Although a very comfortable helmet, at highway speeds (yes people do pull the throttle here just like any latin country lol) it was becoming unbearably noisy.
So went for all the hype regarding the schuberth c3 and bought one. Tried it on the shop and apparently all was ok but...
Next day started a twin trip down south and it was totally off on this. Not only was unable to wear it for more than 20 minutes it was unfitted too, very noisy and in total ear pain, although again as stated in the shop seemed ok. So had to go back home and swapped for the givi again for the weekend.!

Next monday at the shop the dealer was kind enough (the helmet was already slightly used for the short trip) to option me into swapping for another. Thing here is schuberth does not have 3 shell sizes, available are in fact small and extra large shell sizes. Thatīs why thereīs a jump in sizes from L58-59 to XL60-61. Concluded I am a pure L59-60. Meaning no way any schuberth (all models are like this) will ever fit me both snug and comfortably.

Went for the neotec (2th shell size L59) and itīs perfect! both comfortable and the perfect fit. Silence enough although the top vent either closed or open does tend to create top head noise and this one already comes with the corrected top vent piece (yes they produced one recently) which on the very first edition did not close completely when needed. Also why the hell would I want the faceshield (on the c3) to drop down at over 40kmh ?? for security reasons ? go figure
Funny enough if the top vent is opened and the face shield is up thereīs close to no noise coming in have you guys noticed this ?
If on a longer than city commuting trip what I do is cut a very small piece of foam cigarette size and insert it on the (either closed or open) top vent - voi la noise gone! (and also the amazing ventilation of course!)

Now Iīm looking into a single or twin comms system. Iīd like it to have fm radio (a must). Unfortunately sena does not so Iīm tending for either the cardo g9, midland bt next or interphone f5.

my pickies:
cardo g9 - still havenīt understand if the fm radio reception is improved over the g4. Again seems the right ear cord acts as fm aerial so placement must be the key here

midland bt next - webbikeworld seems to regard this one as a favorite but a lot of people are unhappy with it (go figure). Flimsy local support at best

interphone f5 - build and package quality seems hit or miss. No local support whatsoever

Do you guys have updates on these models ?

Has anyone tried pairing a sena with a separate fm radio ? if so which one would work?
or connect one on the aux jack ? whatīs your picks and suggestions on this ?

best rgds from portugal

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