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[QUOTE=gkaan;19553327]And I would argue that even 100HP is useless/overkill off road.

Agreed but building a DS with 50% more power still makes no sense to me! Sounds like you agree?

In contrast IMO 100HP even on a 400lb bike is underpowered and non-satisfying for a lot of street riding especially wihen fully loaded with 400+ lbs on board. I just dont get people who say 150HP is useless on the street??? Perhaps it is simply a statement of the fact that some people ride differently than you? /QUOTE]

I can't see how 150 is a reasonable street number, I've owned 2 ZZR1200s and know 150 HP. It is USELESS on the street, even 2 up on a +500lbs bike with sticky street tires like that ZZR. I sold them both off after learning and the re-learning that 40-70 MPH roads at a putt-putt pace of +90-140 MPH was not necessary. I'd shift that thing at 2k RPMs and still be loafing along at insane speeds. That power level is great for riding at speeds in excess of 125 MPH and 1/4 mile dragstrips. Would a 250 HP Adv be better?

I gear my 950s for how I ride, 16/50 currently on the SE and my just sold SM was 15/41. I didn't "need" 90 HP on that streetbike, it hauled the mail with real gearing!

Yes, it is great for you I guess? How often you will tap the 150 HP and hit the rev limiter is a question I would ask myself though. My ZZR went to redline a handful of times in the combined 15k miles I owned both of them. Wow a few times and then? Useless. I can't incorperate a 9.5 second 1/4 into my DS riding, or my street riding!

Bigger and bigger is all we ever seem to get, more power, more weight. Even the Mini Cooper has swelled up, Miata too. The Adv in this iteration is a big failure to me, maybe it'll help KTM, maybe it won't. As a dirt KTMer since 1998 and the buyer of the second 950 my dealer got the second day he had it, and a 3X LC-8 owner, they are moving from their core supporters. Distancing their street bikes from their dirt dealers was a big signal of that too.

Good luck with it if you get it.
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