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What were the Issues

Originally Posted by RodT View Post
Hi guys, I've had my hip replacement for 4 years now,and I have some issues starting. With all the news about metal on metal hips, my doctor decided to check me for heavy metals. The blood test came back and I have 3 times normal Cobalt, and 5 times normal level Chromium. My othropedic surgeon is doing some research on this but he's in the dark also. He is contacting a hemotologist to find out how much of a problem this is. My hip is not the one that was recalled ,but it is doing the same thing the recalled one is. I sugest that all of you that have metal on metal hips get your blood levels checked for cobalt and chromium just to be on the safe side. Rod
I am metal on metal as well and would like to know what you are experiencing. I am two years post op.
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