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Bluhduh easy fix...

Originally Posted by icebergstu View Post
Well I did my first ride with the Garmin Montana 650t on the weekend and what a waste of time even taking it on the bike.

The first little bump it went over, it just turned off and re-started again.

This went on for the first 5klm of riding so I turned it off and left it off.

Obviously was not ment for dirt bike riding...maybe smooth dirt roads only. I have not done anything to the unit besides mounting it. I have not modified the battery or anything.

Heres the vid.

I had the same problem with mine. my solution was to place 4 strips of insulation tape on the back of the battery to hold the connections tight.

Some blokes are using a foam ear plug instead. That will fix it. Boneman
So far, so good...
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